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Monday, December 12, 2005

Well, here we go again.

As all of us Resident Evil fans know, the (in)famous Paul W.S. Anderson did a fantastic job on screwing up the plots of Resident Evil with the movies. Don't get me wrong, the movies were great, but in their own way. Apocalypse seemed to be based more around Resident Matrix than Resident Evil, though. Well, for all of you have been hoping that he wouldn't have anything to do with the next Resident Evil movie, you might as well hang up your hats, because that rumor that he had completely left the project circulated for a very short time. He's back. And so is the ever so persistenet Milla Jovovich, who's character, Alice, was pretty good to start of with in the first Resident Evil movie (titled "Genesis", in the novel), but took up the role of Neo, the newest addition to the Resident Evil movie franchise. "Why and when did she decide on this!?" Well, according to this article, which isn't the only out there, by any means, she decided this before Resident Evil: Apocalypse was even released. Well, if there's one good thing about that movie, it's that the title fits it. It was an apocalypse, all right. The apocalypse of the idea that a good Resident Evil movie sequel would be made.


Milla Jovovich
And here's the unforgiving chap who thought that she was Neo. Being the chosen one isn't so easy, is it!?

Paul W.S. Anderson
And THIS is the greatest franchise jumper in the US. He's also the guy who willingly admitted, in an interview, that he only played the first 2 Resident Evil games before jumping up and saying "Hey, I need to make a movie out of this!!"

And if that wasn't enough for you, guess who's now dating!?

Fortunately----I mean, unfortunately----no screenshots of Resident Evil: Afterlife, the third RE movie, who's sequel has ALREADY been announced (talk about persistence), even though this one hasn't been released. Or finished, for that matter. I mean, they took away Nemesis' tentacles, gave him a gattling gun (he already had a rocket launcher in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis......), and on top of that, they let the want-to-be Neo over there fist fight him----and win!! and the costume looked so pathetic....


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